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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Season 10 Begins! Some Rumors being tossed around!

 Season 9 World Series Champs have announced they are not willing to sign SP Joseph Park to a long term deal and have put him on the trading block. They also mentioned that both B.J. Crane and 3B Edgardo Mantalban are available as well! We could not reach anyone for comment regarding the  rumors but I'd imagine B.J. Crane is not happy with the situation.

The former Scottsdale Franchise has now moved to St. Louis and has new ownership! Amerith has agreed to purchase the team and also managed to get the city of St. Louis to agree to accept some arrangement to move the team THIS season.  Amerith has announced that team is willing to trade ANYONE on the team except RF Trevor Arnold.

Rootgargle has moved team to a new city.. And again has announced his firesale of the ML talent. He will not be dealing superstars Lefty Moore or Kurt Westmoreland.

New York Highlanders have been bought by a guy named Adreid and moved to Norfolk! Adreid has announced a few players available the most notable would be
SP Jimmie Paul.