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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreifort goes to Cleveland!

It's official! Norfolk agreed to trade SP Dreifort to the World Series Champs! He will receive Eddie Garciaparra  a RP prospect that dominate once he gets to the Majors. There were 2 other players included in the deal that will be named when the official trade is processed! Cleveland Also managed to upgrade the pitching staff again by trading for SP Pedro Beltran! Beltran is certainly going to be of help in what will probably be one of his final years in the world! Cleveland upgrades and gets tougher!

In other news Monterrey is putting CF Felipe Guerrero on the block in search of a younger CF.  Guerrero is one of the best lead off hitters in Doubleday so we shall see just how much it takes to get him moved to another team!