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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Season 9 MVP winners!

Most Valuable Player is one of the most prestigious titles you can earn while playing  any professional sport. It symbolizes greatness and also separates you from the rest.  Some say that your price goes way up when you win this award.. That is exactly what has happened in Season 9.  The 2 MVP award winners did just that.. Both of their stock has went way up and both of them deserved the award. First, The American League MVP Robert Robinson of the Helena Fruit Pickers.  Robinson hit 40HRs (his best since season 4) and drove in 105 rbi's while batting .308. Helena didn't win the World Series and they didn't manage to even really impress anyone but he was the lone bright spot on the team. Without him they would've had a much more miserable season. The National League MVP  however was VERY deserving of this award. Monterrey's Harold Burrell not only won this award due to his amazing numbers. He also won the Triple Crown award as well! Burrell ended the season with 68HR's, 161 rbi and a batting average of .345! Burrell led his team to their first ever playoff appearance and also secured himself a spot as one of the most dangerous hitters in the world. I am very sure this man will be the topic of trade talks for many seasons to come. I am also very sure Monterrey will never trade him.. But I also think there is a price for everyone.. This one would just be a very very steep price to pay!