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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doubleday Awards- 10 seasons down, 10 more to go!

Tom Highway
Doubleday Daily

Over the past 10 seasons we have witnessed many owners come and go.. We have had some fierce competitors and some not so fierce.. We've had people that love this world and we had people that didn't love it so much. Regardless of all that we are still here and have a lot of guys that's been here for a long time. I would like to induct 3 owners to the Doubleday Owner Hall of Fame.. I have sat down for 3 days now and thought about how I wanted to do this and I feel there is no real way to be fair by placing a vote being that everyone didn't have the opportunity to play with these guys. 

First owner I'd like to induct is Rbedwell. Rbedwell was the owner of the Louisville Colonels (Now known as the Louisville Red Caps) and captured 5 World Series titles without doing much of anything. He was not a big trade person and he never tanked to get top picks.. He managed to compete every season and build pretty much from within.. Rbedwell left the world with a 613-359 (.631) record.

The next guy I'd like to induct is Keosawa... Keosawa was the owner of the Boston Beaneaters (now known as the Jacksonville Suns) Keosawa was controversial and had a lot to say in the blog chat. However as an owner he managed win his division 2 times and in those very seasons get to the World Series. He played only 4 seasons and ended with a record of 374-274 (.577). Keo was also a huge contributor to the blog.

Last I would like to induct Coonja76. Coonja was the owner of the Durham Tobacconists (now known as Boston Beaneaters) and managed to accumulate 3 division titles and a World Series Championship. Coonja was known for speaking his mind in the world chat. Coonja left Doubleday with a 423-225 (.653) record.

Love them or hate them.. These guys all were very competitive and dedicated to making their teams the best they could while they were here. They were the best of the best in Doubleday for many seasons.

I have a few other owners I'd like to give recognition to.

mele316:Even though you didn't win a championship you managed to take your team to 3 division titles and you proved you really were trying to get far. 

Jt3: 6 seasons with us and we know you had to take a leave. Hopefully one day you'll come back and bring the fighting spirit you always brought.

Austinfan1: Sucks that you had to drop our world. You were one of the best owners we had and you were learning the game very well. The door is always open.