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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ALCS: Montreal vs. Philadelphia



After a long season where we seen many teams rise to the top of their divisions quickly only to drop way out of playoff contention by the end.. We also watched two teams take chances on what they viewed as their ticket to the World Series. First we have Philadelphia and their approach being to acquire older established veteran players to get the job done. They were poked fun at by others but it has proven to be a very good move.. Then we have Montreal, A team where they relied on speed and defense. Both methods seem to do the trick.. Montreal has one of the fastest teams in the world and Philly has one of the most powerful. They will clash in the ALCS to prove dominance over one another.. Mark Post leads Montreal to face Bernie Alvarez and Philly.. Only one team can leave as champs.. This is going to be a VERY grueling series.