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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Trade Deadline Frenzy... That Never Was.

I can picture it now.

All you baseball geeks out there, getting ready for the big deadline.

Mega-nerds with baseball literature in one hand, a Phil Maxwell bobble-head in the other, positioning themselves in front of a television, just waiting to see who gets dealt where.

It's the time of the year where the contenders move past the pretenders.

It can mean the difference between resting on a first round bye, and resting until next season.

Geeks check their wrist-watch, and eagerly await for the moment of truth.

And they all find out... a collective unit...

...that, well, nothing happened.

No wait, let me change that.

Boots Lesher goes to Baltimore for 3 schleps.

There's your trade deadline frenzy, people!! GO CRAZY!!

I mean, did anybody seriously think a major move would be made at the deadline?

Sure, we've seen it in the past. It's a yearly ritual that Doubleday owners love to take advantage of.

But the first half of the year saw the likes of Albert Wall, Mark Post, Pedro Bennett, Erv Hines, Robert Robinson, Johnny Durbin, Abraham Inge.. (takes a breath) Teddy Collier, Bruce Shea, and a million other talented Doubleday-ers.

And damn, I didn't even mention Albuquerque's purge of virtually every single drip of talent on their ML roster. Phil Maxwell? Spike Logan? Poseidon Webber? Junior Cerveza? All outta there! In fact, Albuquerque went ahead and RETRADED young players they got in previous trades!

All were made, WELL before the trade deadline.

And now, as we waited for the big moment of truth, all the true baseball purists end up being disappointed.

Congratulations Baltimore, you got one helluva Long Reliever there! Maybe, just MAYBE, a 5th Starter!

Thank God somebody at least did something.

Oh, and the geeks out there thank you as well.