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Monday, August 17, 2009

Team Interview: Anaheim

Opey:You were given a pretty hard job this season. Do you feel that you've achieved anything since coming to Anaheim?

kneeneighbor: I thnk that we walked into a difficult situation. With the previous ownership going through a very messy very public divorce it was clear the Robins were not his first priority.

We could not have taken over at a worse time. The season was about to begin, our scouts had been set and we didnt have time to get set up the way we wanted.

That said we did make some positive strides. We made a few trades that brought back players we can count on next year. We also cleared a lot of salary which will allow us to make better use of that money next season whether it is in the FA market or in our day to day operations and scouting.

On the field we managed to put two minor league teams into the playoffs nad at the Major League Level we showed signs that there are players here who can get the job done.

Opey: Who is your most valuable player?

kneeneighbor: This is a difficult question to answer... Who had the best season for us? That's Joaquin Plata. .286 .357 .623 with 43 HRs is a very good season.

However when it comes to value two guys that need to be mentioned are Don Wagner who played CF in just about every game for us this year and Walter Davey. Davey;'s numbers will nto impress anyone but he has managed 10 wins and will throw over 200 innings. With out that who knows where we are.

Opey: How long do you feel it will take to be in contention with this team?

kneeneighbor: We have a 3 year plan in place. Does that mean we are in theWorld Series in 3 years? Who knows, but we plan on being a playoff contender in that time if not sooner.

Opey: If you could acquire anyone in the world who would it be?

kneeneighbor: Anyone can see we need more than one player. That said I think the first thing we need to add is someone to stick in the middle of our line up who can hit for some power. Anyone that fits that description could come play for us.

Opey: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!