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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Rob Root

San Francisco has done it again! The Seals have defeated the Albuquerque Dukes 7-4, behind the pitching of Darron Becker. He improves to 13-8 on the season with a brilliant 7 inning performance, giving up just 2 runs on 6 hits. Nolan Lowery and Pinky Donovan had 3 hits a piece, while George Forrest pitched in his 42nd HR of the season.

The win gives the Seals a 2-game advantage over the Dukes in the AL West. The last game of the series is scheduled in a couple hours. San Francisco will be starting David Shin (11-10, 4.14 ERA), while Albuquerque will start Louis Peterson (7-11, 5.27 ERA). The Dukes need a win bad to stay with the Seals for the division lead.