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Monday, August 17, 2009

Record Breaker: SP Bernie Alvarez


Opey: Ladies and gentlemen we have Bernie Alvarez, SP from Philadelphia here with us today. Bernie you have broken the single season win mark that Montreal's Bruce Shea held. How do you feel?

Alvarez: Firstly I would like to say that its an honour to be included in the same bracket as Bruce Shea as he is a truly great pitcher. Obviously from a person standpoint I consider this to be the greatest achievement of my career. However, baseball is a team game and I just want to go out there and give my team every possible chance of winning and thankfully I have been able to do this on many occasions this year.

Opey: Is there anything you'd like to say about your team?

Alvarez: Its hard for me to say much about my team! We have let our baseball do the talking for the entire season and are now up to the 100 win mark. However, we want to continue this into the post season and bring home the world series to this wonderful sporting city.

Opey: How about something to your opponents?

Alvarez: I have been very impressed with both Boston and St Louis this year and I am sure that they will make it tough for us in the post season and then ofcourse there is Toledo, Durham and Louisville in the NL who are 3 of the most consitent teams in Doubleday. But here in Philly we are very happy with the team we have and look to continue our good form and are confident that we can bring the WS back to the AL.

Opey: Congrats to you on a very big achievement! I hope to see you do well in the playoffs!

Alvarez: You and me both, Opey!

Opey: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me.

Alvarez: My pleasure!