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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Single season records on the verge of being broke...

Opey Higgins

Setting a record is one of the most enjoyable accomplishments a player can have during a career. Several of those records are being threatened this season. To Start off Chicago's Albert Wall is only 2 hr's off pace to beat Blade Stevenson's single season Home Run record of 71. Wall with 57 currently has 42 games to hit just 14 Home Runs to become the Home Run king in Doubleday.

Also, We have Philadelphia's SP Bernie Alvarez just 2 games shy of putting himself in a tie for the most single season wins of 23. Alvarez still has plenty of time with his 21- 4 record to beat Bruce Shea's record single season win total.

Last but certainly not least Colorado's Neil Campbell has 90 SB's with the remaining 42 games to swipe 39 more sb's to break the single season record held by now retired Javier Pineiro.

It's going to be exciting to see if these records are going to be broken.. So we will continue to follow along as we close out this season... One last record being threatened is the most losses in a season.. The most losses in a season by a P is 22 held by J.R. Charlton currently on Anaheim's AAA team.

(written by TomHighway)