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Friday, September 18, 2009

AL EAST: Season 6 Preview


Last Season Record-105-57 (1st)
Division Champ- Yes
AL Champ- No
Season 6 Prediction- 95-67 (2nd)
Philly ran away with the AL East last season but I feel that they are not going to dominate like they did last season. They signed David Gonzalez during the offseason in hopes of beefing up the offense some more. Philly will have a long road ahead of them this season.


Last Season Record- 97-65(2nd)
Division Champ- NO
AL Champ- NO
Season 6 Prediction-98-64 (1st)
Jacksonville traded LF Pablo Mota and 3B Jocko Sexson to Montreal and acquired LR George Oliver and bring back RF Erv Hines. They also signed RF Winston Ripken, P Sal Jone and RF Edgar Villa as well. Jacksonville appears VERY strong this season.


Last Season Record-92-70(3rd)
Division Champ-NO
AL Champ- NO
Season 6 Prediction- 77-85(4th)
Baltimore lost a key offensive star in Winston Ripken to Free Agency.. They also lost P Kelly Carr. Baltimore is free of some major cap space but find themselves on the bottom of a very strong division. 3 teams improving and them kinda sitting idle.. We will have to keep an eye for them..


Last Season Record- 79-83(4th)
Division Champ- NO
AL Champ- NO
Season 6 prediction- 85-77
New York is an up and coming team in Season 6.. I promise you nothing less then about a 15-20 game improvement from last season. They could potentially take a wild card spot but this young team is going to be a very hard team to knock off..