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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Race to 1000 hits!

Opey Higgins

Barry Broadhurst - 997 hits

Philip Maxwell - 974 hits

Otto Judd - 967 hits

Mitch Palmer - 940 hits

Paul McNamara - 938 hits

Broadhurst looks to become the first player in Doubleday to reach 1000 hits putting him instantly as one of the top guys to enter the Doubleday Hall of Fame come season 10. At 31 years old he may just be around when the day comes. I'd imagine he could potentially reach 1500 hits before he retires. Philip Maxwell just 27 years old could post 2000 hits by the time he turns 32 realistically he'll be our Career hit leader by the end of the next 5 seasons. Please leave a comment with your teams career hit leader and how many hits they've managed to get at this point.