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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breaking down the WALLS!!


Season 5 was a phenomenal season for Albert Wall of the Chicago Whales. Not only did he break the single season Home run record he managed to rake up 2 player of the week awards, All Star game appearance, Home Run derby championship and now the biggest of them all the NL MVP award! I remember back in season 1 the owner brought Wall up just after 22 AAA games to the Majors.. Wall broke into the ML with 57 Home runs and 131 rbi. At seasons end and the owner gave up his team he put in a special note not to trade Wall EVER!

After 180 games with the new owner which moved the team to Omaha he was traded to Toledo where he played just 66 games before being traded again to Albuquerque.. Albuquerque kept him the rest of the season and Traded him during the offseason of season 4 to Oakland. He had his worst season yet and Oakland wasn't impressed.. But had all these teams knew that Wall was destined to break out in season 5 they all would've kept him.. The best is yet to come! Wall is just 26 years old and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Expect this man to hit 60-70 Home runs for seasons to come! Congrats to Albert Wall and the Chicago Whales!