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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WORLD SERIES! Game 2 - 3



Game 2:

Unlike game 1 Louisville came out swinging putting 5 runs on the board by the 5th inning while Montreal was scoreless. Relaford began what looked to be a rally in the 7th but it wasn't going to matter. In the 8th Louisville put 3 more on the board going up by 6 runs. Montreal tried to fight back in the 9th scoring 3 runs only to be stopped. Louisville won 8-5.

Game 3:

After a very bad outting for Montreal, Game 3 looked to be very promising as Montreal opened the game in the 1st inning scoring 3 runs off a 3 run Erv Hines blast! Ogawa of Louisville drove a run in during the 2nd inning. But Montreal didn't stop! They hammered in another 2 runs in the 3rd to go up 5-1.. The 7th Louisville started heating up with bases loaded Ray Purcell walked in another run making the score 5-2 in favor of Montreal. Montreal remained scoreless the rest of the game, The 9th inning it began to fall apart. Closer Barajas came in for Montreal to put the game away.. He gave up a hit followed by causing Ogawa to hit into a 4-6-3 double play. 1 Out left that's all he needed to do this.. Nicky Barry, Pinch hitter came to the plate.. 1st pitch thrown was smashed and it cleared the wall giving Louisville another run.. game 5-3 Montreal... Barajas just looked completely shocked! Next up! Ray Purcell with 2 outs and only 1 run from the tie.. Barajas threw 2 pitches up and away trying to stay away from the very consistent Purcell.. After another ball and the count going 3-0 He tossed another pitch only for it to get crushed! Purcell launched a solo home run which closed the gap 5-4! Mercedes came up to the plate fixing to take advantage of the rattled Barajas...But Barajas managed to get Mercedes to flyout finally ending the game..

Game4: Mark Post (MON) vs. Matthew Brown (LOU)