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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NL NORTH: Season 6 Preview/Predictions


Last Season Record-90-72 (1st)
Division Champ- Yes
NL Champ- No
Season 6 Prediction- 88-74 (2nd)
Not much to see here! Ottawa has been on top for a couple seasons now but it's getting to where they are not bringing in new talent. They have some great prospects but not yet close enough to play at the ML level. I see them falling down 1 spot.. Maybe get a Wild Card..


Last Season Record- 85-77 (2nd)
Division Champ- NO
NL Champ- NO
Season 6 Prediction-99-63 (1st)
Chicago is probably the most talented team in the NL currently. They have a great offense and pretty good pitching. Albert Wall returns for another season coming off a record breaking year! Chicago looks to claim the NL North for the first time since season 1.


Last Season Record-78-84 (3rd)
Division Champ-NO
NL Champ- NO
Season 6 Prediction- 80-82 (3rd)
Keeping the team moving forward,Cleveland owner Douglaslee has improved the team greatly since buying the team. This season he'll continue to have his big stars from last season to help better the team and potentially win a Wild Card position. They could very well knock Ottawa down to 3rd.


Last Season Record- 63-99 (4th)
Division Champ- NO
NL Champ- NO
Season 6 prediction- 62-100
Detroit will be good in another 2 seasons for sure, but right now I feel they are going to stand in the same place they have been for 3 seasons. Great talent in the minors led by Denny Chong but that be a few seasons away before we see him. 3B Ronn Moore and LF Sarma Rose will again head the Detroit ML team as they face a tough road again.