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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AL NORTH: Season 6 Preview/Predictions


Last Season Record- 98-64
Division Champ- Yes
AL Champ- Yes
Season 6 Prediction- 95-67 (1st)
Montreal has added some pitching depth with SP Bobby Ray Bellhorn and Max Lopez. Both proven ML starters to go along with the same rotation Montreal used to get them to the World Series last season. Montreal also traded RF Erv Hines in a deal which they landed 3B Jocko Sexson and LF Pablo Mota. Upgraded all around now all they can do is sit back and wait to see if the moves are going to be successful or not..


Last Season Record-90-72 (2nd)
Division Champ- No
AL Champ- No
Season 6 Prediction- 96-68 (2nd)
This season Free Agency was pretty good to SLC, They picked up 1B Carlos Gandarillas and SP Jose Santayana. SLC has been impressive for 2 seasons in a row now but have not managed to get into the playoffs due to strong play from the other divisions. This season I wouldn't count these guys out, I would place them as predicted Division champs but I think Montreal hasn't fell off just yet.


Last Season Record- 66-96 (3rd)
Division Champs- No
AL Champs- No
Season 6 Prediction-79-83 (3rd)
This franchise has made the playoffs once in 5 seasons.. New management has been bringing this team to life slowly for the last 2 seasons by bringing in good young talent. As they wait for their younger stars to mature they are fielding a decent ML squad for the time being. Some of their younger guys are playing now but the real studs are on the way. This season they could prove me wrong with RF Al Gonzales and CF Magglio Alvarado showing signs of improvement in their off-season training. SP Albert Robinson appears to be ready to go as well. KC is my upset team in the North, They could win the division.


Last Season Record- 61-101 (4th)
Division Champ- No
AL Champ- No
Season 6 Prediction- 67-95 (4th)
With no real off-season moves, Seattle is looking to rely on the same type team they have been. Allowing their youth to develop in the minors is what appears to be the plan. Seattle has had 4th placed tied down for many seasons, unless they do some drastic changes to the ML squad they will be there for a little while longer..However I do know owner Kcden has things well figured out. We are rooting for you here at Doubleday Daily!