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Monday, September 7, 2009

Season 6: New owners, New Cities, New ideas


Boston, Mass.

Boston was known for the high powered offense that was once part of the Beaneaters. After Tropicana bought the team mid season 5 he had planned to move the franchise. Boston fans were distraught! Boston was a contender in practically every season in Doubleday history and now they were being left in the dark. Tropicana moved the team to Jacksonville where he was getting a huge deal and tons of money to move the team.

Only for a short time did the Boston fans suffer, News came in that a new owner to the Doubleday world planned on bringing a team to Boston. The fans were skeptical and thought it would be a very bad franchise.. When the news hit that the former Durham Franchise was the team being moved the Boston fans were excited! Camden the new owner of the Former Durham Tobacconists decided it was time for the team to move closer to his hometown. So there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel for the Boston fans.

In other news, Anaheim Robins were sold and are now moving to Las Vegas! Las Vegas hasn't had a team there since Season 1! So things could possibly be looking up with new ownership and a new look! More to come with Season 6 news as we continue into the offseason!