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Friday, September 18, 2009

NL SOUTH: Season 6 Preview


Last Season Record-97-65 (1st)
Division Champ- Yes
NL Champ- No
Season 6 Prediction- 94-68 (1st)
With what appears to be an upgraded Austin franchise this season, they continue on with youth for the most part. Offense: RF Midre Guerrero and CF Ted Banks look to lead the Austin Swing this season to another Division title. SP Felipe Maradona searching for his first Cy Young award, coming off a 16 win season his career high, he is going to be much more reliable this season and could see 20 wins!


Last Season Record- 91-71(2nd)
Division Champ- NO
NL Champ- YES
Season 6 Prediction-88-74 (3rd)
Our World Series Champions! What else can be said about Louisville that hasn't already been said? They looked to be an under dog last season coming into the playoffs only to dominate! The entire team has came back to try again in season 6, Owner Rbedwell has proven that this team will be in the Doubleday History books as the greatest franchise ever. Come season 10, I highly doubt another team will reach the level of success!


Last Season Record-89-73(3rd)
Division Champ-NO
NL Champ- NO
Season 6 Prediction- 85-77(3rd)
Spending tons of money in free agency last season , Richmond released several players including LF Randall Daly but they signed 1B Seth West that was recently released from Salt Lake City. West's power and ability to get on base should help bolster the Richmond offense while SP Rafael Mercado and Tom Lofton will be the anchors in the pitching staff to keep them in the top 10 teams this season.


Last Season Record-63-99 (4th)
Division Champ- NO
NL Champ- NO
Season 6 prediction- 66-93 (4th)
Monterrey has been very conservative when it comes to signing old talent.. They've been racking up International Free Agents for going on 3 seasons now. Showing little improvement each season could this be the season they break out? They have promoted several young stars to the Majors still leaving a ton of great players waiting to come up. Player to watch this season is SP Karim Bennett, We hear he's been working on his control during the offseason.. Potential 15-20 game winner!