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Friday, September 18, 2009

AL SOUTH: Season 6 Preview!


Last Season Record-97-65 (1st)
Division Champ- Yes
AL Champ- No
Season 6 Prediction- 93-69 (1st)
With the huge signing of SP Junior Cerveza, St.Louis looks to be in about the same spot they were last season. Good pitching and decent offense, In the AL South they are probably a lock for the Division title with El Paso and Huntington still trying to get their teams working like a well oiled machine.. That could be a while ..


Last Season Record- 79-83 (3rd)
Division Champ- NO
AL Champ- NO
Season 6 Prediction-70-92 (3rd)
Texas is in the middle of a transition, They have a new owner that came in last season with a different approach to where the team needs to go. They let a few guys go but signed some key Free Agents, 2b Damian Wang, P Buddy Shelley and CF Roosevelt Sellers! However I don't see them being a strong threat this season. 3rd place in the South potentially 2nd if luck goes their way.


Last Season Record-80-82(2nd)
Division Champ-NO
AL Champ- NO
Season 6 Prediction- 71-93(2nd)
Huntington could potentially be 2nd place this season, With the lack of pitching they are looking to probably drop even more in season 6. Huntington fielded several offers to acquire a SP but none of them were agreed upon..


Last Season Record-51-111(4th)
Division Champ- NO
AL Champ- NO
Season 6 prediction- 62-100 (4th)
El Paso is still in rebuild mode, Slowly they are putting together a team that can contend. We here at the Doubleday Daily magazine support El Paso and hope they get the breaks they deserve.