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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boston Auction!

Opey Higgins


Boston, Mass.

Rumors are swirling as to if Boston is planning on trading all his ML vets. We did get told he was wanting to deal but who can afford these amazing players? First we have Dan Hudler. Hudler is a 2 time NL MVP and has had 2 All Star appearances. Oswaldo Navarro would be 2nd on this list, Navarro has been a huge asset to the city of Boston. He played in Boston during season 2 and 3 and brought home the Rookie of the Year award. The last big name I'll mention is Miguel Alou, Alou a 1 time All Star and has posted a 66-38 record over 5 ML seasons. Whoever get's a shot at any of the 3 players is looking to pay up, but it will be well worth it!